Baptism - It's not what you think it is...

Baptism: It’s not what you think it is…


I deeply appreciate the ritual and more importantly the symbolism of baptism, but back in my days as a fundamentalist Christian it was the fear of hell that kept me going back for more. I was baptized many times! Deep down inside, I, like most fundamentalists, had a fear-based belief in the ritual and a very limited and literal understanding of what it means to be baptized.


But once I started to see this and other rituals as metaphors my whole viewpoint changed. John the Baptist introduced water baptism giving to us a tactile act that symbolizes Divinity’s immersion or descent into the material world, that is, into human consciousness.




Baptism is not about getting wet, whether it be by sprinkling or dunking, but the ritual does offer a template that shows us Divinity’s journey into human consciousness. If we can disengage from the literal act of baptism and the attached dogma, we may see something far more mysterious than perfunctory.


We discover that this ritual, when understood metaphorically, is at the heart of our authentic identity as Divinity lowered and immersed into human-hood, then resurrecting from that mortal state, and ascending into immortality. It is cited in scripture that we must be baptized in order to be saved.


Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. (Mark 16:16)


We see there is an edict to be baptized and also to believe. Believe in what? Should we believe in someone else’s idea of God killing his Son so that his wrath might be avenged? Should we believe that we have to get sprinkled or dunked to get into heaven? Must we recite a prayer acknowledging that we are sinners?


"Will be condemned" are strong words from which to build a very threatening doctrine. Who wants to be condemned (to hell) and suffer everlasting torment in flames? Can the simple act of being immersed in water really save us?


The act and ritual of baptism is not so much for egocentric man but rather it is for the Divine nature within man to awaken and to become consciously aware of its own journey.


After all it has been immersed into human form, beneath the waters of human consciousness. Likewise, its human partner, the mind, must come to terms with its immortal reality and BELIEVE who and what it is. Otherwise, we have to go around the karmic mountain again sentenced to mortality (the realm of death and decay) until the time of awakening where we finally believe in whom and what we are. Baptism is a profound template found in scripture.

Coming up and out of the waters of limited, mortal and human consciousness is what “saves” the body. This mystery is not about getting wet be it sprinkling or dunking. It’s about recognizing that you as Divinity, took a fantastic journey - a long slumber into mortality as a human being. Now it is time to wake-up.


Believe – be immersed into human consciousness – forget your Divinity – then when you have experienced all there is to experience, when the suffering of the Christ has been “filled” up in your body, it will be time to awaken.


From Escaping Christianity ~ Finding Christ

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The ONE Story

The ONE story of all mankind:
I use scripture to help bridge the gap for the folks (millions) that are leaving evangelistic and fundamentalist Christianity. I find this helps them understand that the Bible is a mystery book, not a history book. The Bible plays nicely into many (if not all) mythos. There is only ONE story and the Bible helps those with a scriptural background see and understand this story. It also helps those whose heads have been thumped by it, that may never have been indoctrinated into the historical application.
The ONE story is this:
God is misunderstood. We have anthropomorphized this current of energy, this highly charged “love” frequency, this dark matter, and called it God.
This energy, being NO-THING but a frequency, sound waves, desired expression in SOME-THING. And so the material universe (one-word) and material worlds were born.
God is the matrix. The matrix is a womb of energy where things are born into being. This energy is in ALL THINGS.
It has created and chosen the human being as a means of expression, no-thing into some-thing, and through the human being IT is.
The earth is a beautiful incubator of energy and creation. The highly charged “love” frequency penetrated this virgin field of potential and has merged with biology. It is the force that animates the body giving charge to the brain, nervous system and heart.
When a human being recognizes that the force that animates the body is this love energy and submits/succumbs to it, this being is then called Christ. 
The human ego relinquishes is role as master of the body and becomes the willing servant of all (symbolized by the donkey bearing Jesus to death and Jesus symbolizing us – the potential habitation for this energy). It is the ego that focuses thought and emotion, the two essential components required to create realities and it surrenders to death so that it might experience resurrection.
Christ is a verb, a mode of being, a title, not a last name for one man or a title reserved for one man but for all. This mode of being is able to collapse the birth/death loop of time and enter into immortality. This energy has then ransomed for itself a helpmate, a being from which it may discover, explore and inhabit the material universes.
This is our story repeated in all cultures, in all languages and highly distorted by religion, relegating this process to only a few, fighting an external devil which is deed is just the human ego.





The Word of God

The Word of God... 

What is the “Word of God”? I can remember pastors and preachers over the decades holding up the Bible and giving it this title by saying, “The Word of God says...” When did this title come about? Is it something we have acquiesced into our knowledge base or does it have foundation somewhere in the Bible itself...?

We simply cannot use it as a moral compass standard lest we condone slavery, rape, inequality in the sexes, murder, pillaging...

So how can we embrace some of it as the “Word of God” but not all? Where do we draw the line? Somehow by giving the Bible the title of “The Word of God” we embrace and propagate cultural initiatives for example, there are some sects where women cannot cut their hair or wear make-up because of references about Jezebel painting her eyes and hair is a “woman’s glory.” Some sects do not permit women to teach and others that insist on food consumption guidelines, dress and social behaviors.

We regulate being a “Christian” as someone that has accepted Jesus into their heart as their personal Lord and Savior, a practice that insures a heavenly reward. But there is no scripture that requires this modern evangelic practice...

We must believe... We must be baptized... Jesus is the way...

Yes, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father but by me...” What is this way and where is the Father? Jesus said the Father is within and that HE does not dwell in buildings made with hands...

Within us.

What is this “WAY?”

Should we look more to the example and pattern that Jesus set and follow IT rather than to practice a non biblical reciting of the sinner’s prayer?

Come! Let us reason together...

This way is what got Jesus in so much trouble with the ruling religious order of the day because this pattern threatened its existence. Much like today, when traditional Christian Fundamentalism is challenged cries of HERESY! FALSE PROPHET! ANTI-CHRIST! DECEIVER! are heard... Isn’t it ironic that Jesus never warned of such things? Go search for yourself.

What is this WAY that Jesus identified as THE way to the Father???

Jesus broke the hierarchical rules. He said we did not have to follow the “LAW.” He ate and socialized with those from outside the societal norms. He said, “DO NOT JUDGE. He taught us to break from tradition. He taught us that the Kingdom was WITHIN. He said if they say that the Christ is in the field and to come greet him, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. Certainly this applies to any perceived “second coming!” This is because the appearing of Christ is within YOU.

It is not external. The Christ is being formed within you. 

So do you know of someone breaking tradition among you? Do you know of someone having mercy on the woman caught in adultery? (Incidentally, this woman is an archetype of all religious systems require that you join them - it is that which we metaphorically “fornicate” when we join ourselves to other “lovers.”)

Jesus spoke mysteries and called them such. For us to take even this example literally, we miss the point of his message.

Be fearless. Look at these mysterious messages with fresh eyes not weakened from lenses that interpret for you. Meet him there, in the “upper room.”


The Woman at the Well



The woman at the well had five previous husbands and the one she was with was the sixth. She was told to “go and sin no more.” 

Was this an actual female? Or was it the world that had not been faithful in a relationship with the Divine?

Were there six males that she had joined herself with? Or were these six ages or eons of time - six cycles of 24,000 each - six harvests - six opportunities over 144,000 years to produce an heir called Christ? (6 x 24,000=144,000) 

Was it an actual water well? Or was this a level of earthly consciousness that mankind draws from rather than from the living water within?

“Go and sin no more” is an edict to stop participating in this mortal and limited realm.

“Sin” is drawing from the well of limited, egocentric human consciousness. 


Stimulating the Pineal Gland...



Stimulating the Pineal Gland…

Let me first say that I don’t think there is a set formula for stimulating the Pineal Gland into activation however, I want to tell you of things that I did that I feel helped me. You are encouraged to seek your own guidance on this subject. I am only sharing my experience:

Some say that the Pineal gland is the third eye or the single eye that is referenced in many ancient texts. There is bountiful information regarding this and we know this gland was revered in many cultures and religions.

It is said that this gland is responsible for intuitive “knowing” and that this gland has calcified from non-use among other chemical reasons (fluoride, etc.).

I became more aware of this gland when I read about it back in 2006 and actually performed an exercise that was said to help stimulate it, vibrate it, shake it loose from its stuck position during mystery school practices. This exercise consisted of making a very loud toning sound while verbalizing the word “Thoth” (pronounced “toe”). I felt a little silly, there in my bathtub echo chamber lol, but I did it anyway. It is said that the forcefulness of the air coming up from fully extended lungs through the throat, being expressed through pursed lips actually causes a vibration at the roof of the palette. I made the very loud tone three times and at the end of the third tone I heard a crackling sound shortly thereafter and what sounded like a radio tuning, and two rather loud tones appeared in the back left quadrant of my head near my ear canal. The tones have been there ever since.

Along with the tones has come greatly expanded intuited information especially regarding the interpretation of parables.

Did this expansion have anything to do with the toning exercise? I don’t know for sure.

Next, I read anything I could get my hands on and especially revisited the parables. I was “seeing” something other than words on a page – suddenly I was seeing patterns and templates emerge. I was seeing what was being expressed behind the written word. I was seeing symbols and archetypes leap off of the page. At times I would shudder and close the Bible because I felt like I was falling into it. It was like a rose bud that began to bloom, and bloom, and bloom.

Stimulating the Pineal Gland in this way, by looking for the symbolism behind the words, greatly enhanced my ability to understand mysterious texts by Jesus and other mystics. By looking for the intuited information I was exercising that “muscle.” So it should be noted that rigidly adhering to literalism will not help develop your intuitive faculties. There must be a willingness to learn anew. The ego will try hardest to keep you from advancing but it must become the servant to the Christ, instead of mastering you.

By exercising your intuition, the Pineal Gland is activated and requires a leaving behind of former understanding, forsaking it not as irrelevant but rather past its “season of relevance.” Historical and literal application has its place but not in awakening. It has served us as a “tutor” but there comes a time when the student becomes the teacher.