Now - Ledge

I remember when we were in the ER waiting room during my son's accident and I felt as though I was stepping up to a precipice (a very high ledge) and was being given the opportunity to leap off of it.


I did.


And I flew.


Knowledge = NOW, LEDGE.


Each of us is being given the opportunity to think differently - to surrender into the now moment of knowing. This is a game changer. Things look differently when you see with your single eye.


When we begin to open up to the spirit, the environment we find ourselves within will require a different measure of discernment than what we have operated in before. Love begins to speak from all around us - flowers, birds, trees and even bugs begin to vibrate toward us, speaking mysteries to us. Love opens things. It is a key. Appreciation apprehends us and tears of gladness flow. We are Divinity living amongst humanity and creation is both speaking and emanating from us.


And nothing is the same.


You are the Christ

By now, most people know that the story of Jesus born of a virgin in a manger did not happen on December 24th - 25th.


We know that this is a story of time immemorial of the dying and resurrecting god-man that eclipses Christianity, in fact predates it in many myths and cultures.


The Sun moves southward from its high position during the Summer Solstice (June 21st) in our constellating sky in its trek toward the "winter solstice" where on December 21st it comes to rest in the constellation called the Southern Crux or "Cross."


For approximately three days it rests there - unmoving.


Then on December 24th - 25th the Sun begins to move northward, reversing its position. It resurrects per se and begins its northward trek toward the Summer Solstice.


This is an astrological event that represents something far more encompassing than what Christians believe.


This is our story.


God found a way to fold itself, penetrate and occupy the virgin soil of our biology - the swaddling of flesh and blood.


Impeccable Spirit, eternal and all encompassing is born into lowly physical form to occupy, inhabit and explore. God finds for itself a helpmate, one that can interpret the sensory world of matter through its five senses - YOU. A helpmate that does not condemn but rather with awakening, will bring the offer of eternal life to your limited and mortal frame.


You are the Virgin. You are the Manger. And you are the Christ that has come to save the world.


You only need believe.


Not in a prayer of accepting Jesus into your heart and escaping hell as the result.


You must believe the creator rests, abides and lives in you and through you.


While we sleep, dreaming our dreams of separation and good and evil, we sleep in drama. When we awake, we resurrect the mortal flesh, redeeming our Spirit body with the capacity to understand our physical existence. We have lived the drama. We have on our Curriculum Vitae lifetimes of experience on planet Earth. And now we have VISION.


Our gift to the universe and to God lies in our ability to FEEL and to EMOTE. Through our vast experiences submersed under the waters of human baptism, we have learned, and we have learned well. We awaken with an arsenal - weaponry fit for the creating and sustaining of material worlds.


The GOD-MAN AWAKENS. That is the true Christmas Story.


Energetic Mediators

Many are experiencing discomfort in their emotions and in their body. You are struggling to understand what is happening. There is another “wave” of healers that have been activated in the last couple of months.


As your energy begins to move within your physical and etheric body you may feel this movement and the accompanying pain. This energy is the “serpent on the pole” (or spinal column) that is recorded in the book of Exodus. This powerful symbol of energy is the movement of the Christ as it brings healing to the earth’s collective energy field.


Many of you felt this combustible energetic movement and suffered from breathlessness, fatigue, volatile emotions, trembling, shaking and physical pain particularly over the past week precipitating and during the events in France.


What you felt was the collective out-put of grief, the very human response to trauma. You have helped “mediate” this outflow by transmuting the flow through your body – helping the global reaction and sending it upward. At this time of transition the Earth can simply not afford to be swamped in grief and so you ARE. You are here. You have agreed to come and mediate energy from within your framework - and you are quite adept at it, having mediated planetary ascension elsewhere. You are heavenly militia.


It is imperative to recognize your gift. Do not identify with the negative energy but receive it as a gift and raise it upward as an offering to all that is. Remember, there is no human suffering in vain – all has value. When dense emotional energy remains in the body it cannot become buoyant enough to transcend. This is your task. Hold love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, benevolence, and meekness in your heart as you receive your gift and it will be transformed, restructured and re-bundled in the swaddle of high energetic currency. This is the stuff of global change. You will succeed in your mission.


The earth’s path is fixed for ascension and there is little to stop it now.


The following is information I have received for a friend that is feeling these changes.


“You have abilities that are latent. It usually takes discomfort to move one into discovery. Once you enter discovery there is no turning back. Your body and your senses become indicators for action. What you sense, is. Information is given for you to act. It is up to you to put thoughtful intention to flight and spiritual movement to action.


You will learn the language of your body; each part has significance and meaning. You will learn to trust your language and indicators. Your body speaks.


Creation waits for your conscious participation in the unfolding of times. Each of you plays a part, and each part is precious and reflects the whole, like a hologram.


Intention is everything. Set your mind to understand and you will.


There are energy mediators installed for this time. *You are one such mediator.”


With love and highest expectation of your accomplishment.


Jacob to Israel

For those familiar with the Old Testament story of Jacob's wrestling with the angel (messenger) bringing about the change in his name from Jacob to Israel:

Some thoughts and questions for you this morning…

If Jacob (which means supplanter; one who seizes the place of another metaphorically Jacob is our own ego that has seized the throne of I AM temporarily) wrestles with the Divine messenger and Jacob’s name is changed to Israel – what does that mean?


Is (Isis, Isus, Jesus) – Means “came from the creation of the universe”
Ra – The sun god, “The one who was there at the beginning”
El – God

So, Jacob being representative of all egocentric mankind (ego driven life) has his name changed through the struggle with the messenger to IS RA EL.

(It should be noted that this struggle is INTERNAL).

We are created egocentric beings that through struggle we awaken to our true identity.

At the creation of the material Universe – we are
We were there at the beginning
We are God expressed in physical form.

Come up and out of the waters ye God-men!

Your baptism into humanity is finished.

Your labor is over.

You are the womb-man that births the Christ.


On leaving Christianity...

On leaving Christianity... To my detractors:

I too was dogmatic, unmoving, rigid, motivated by fear, brainwashed and conditioned to believe someone else's idea of God. Then something wonderful happened: I let it all go.

I let Jesus go; my idea of him and all of the doctrines I had wrapped myself in forsaking it all to know the truth. I repented. I changed the way that I think.

I began to search for love, non judgement, tolerance and acceptance, the very attributes of Christ.

I cannot go back to the idea of a punishing God; one that tells us to love and to forgive our enemies while he tortures his in everlasting torment. No, my religion no longer made sense. I have found Christ - he is formed within the womb of man wrapped in the swaddling of our very own flesh and blood.

Yes, I found him always in my heart not trying to get in, but trying to get out to express through me....him.