Barbara Symons is an ordained minister through Christ Fellowship International. She has been married for 36 years to Lyle, is a mother of three wonderful young men, a mother-in-law to two exceptional women and grandmother of five. She travels, speaks and teaches revelatory spiritual concepts that generally speaking, challenge religious status quo dogma.

She recently attended a writer's workshop where the participants were asked to fill in the blanks:

I used to be______________ but now I am ________________.

Barbara wrote, "I used to be a fundamentalist Christian but now I AM." 

That pretty much sums it up. She was once extremely religious and deeply involved in Christian fundamentalism. But now she says, "I AM content just to BE." 

Reverend Barbara Symons is founder and President of Appointed Time Ministries, located in College Station, Texas. As a lay counselor, minister, student and teacher of scripture for decades, Barbara is now a recovering Charismatic Christian/Exorcist turned Mystic/Shaman. She is a Spiritual seeker whose journey began with a white light experience at the age of six. Endlessly captivated by Spiritual phenomena, she was drawn into the Charismatic Fundamentalist camp by witnessing miracles. Barbara now recognizes that the Spirit behind the miracles is cross cultural, and not limited to one religious sect. Uncovering and discovering the metaphorical messages in scripture has exponentially advanced Barbara in her understanding of Spiritual truth as it pertains to who we are, why we are here, and where we are going.

Speaking, teaching and ministering exorcism, and advancing within the ranks of mainline fundamentalist Christianity, her exit/rescue from institutional religion was sudden and dramatic. Barbara describes this transitional period as a “Spiritual breakdown and breakthrough.” She recalls a day in 1999 when, experiencing a moment of exceptional clarity, she could no longer remember some of her Christian terminology, ironically having lost the word “saved.” 

“It was as if the hard drive of my religious computer was erased and I could no longer access some terms, in particular what it means to be saved. All I could focus on was the terminal condition of all of mankind and I knew that ultimately the word saved meant that we don’t perish, EVER. The word saved had nothing to do with hell, or going to some etheric heaven when we die.”

Having undergone over a decade of deprogramming, Barbara now teaches with a comprehensive view of the mystical teachings of Jesus and other scriptural texts. She thought she had left exorcism behind, having changed her view of evil, only to find that the gift followed her into the level of consciousness she now occupies.

“We still see negative or dark energies leave people, spontaneously bringing emotional or physical healing to those in need. I feel this is the role of a Shaman that reconciles the heavens within man, or as an Empath where we physically bear the collective energetic burden and transmute energies from within our own bodies. We desperately need teaching for those of us out there that are experiencing such things. We need to understand our power and the healing that will result in humanity when non-judgment, appreciation, and compassion are activated within our consciousness.”

Barbara travels and speaks to people in the midst of transitional consciousness, bringing healing to those that have been hurt or victimized by rigid fundamentalism. She has been encouraged for years to bring her story to print so that people may see her journey while bringing understanding to theirs.