You are the Christ

By now, most people know that the story of Jesus born of a virgin in a manger did not happen on December 24th - 25th.


We know that this is a story of time immemorial of the dying and resurrecting god-man that eclipses Christianity, in fact predates it in many myths and cultures.


The Sun moves southward from its high position during the Summer Solstice (June 21st) in our constellating sky in its trek toward the "winter solstice" where on December 21st it comes to rest in the constellation called the Southern Crux or "Cross."


For approximately three days it rests there - unmoving.


Then on December 24th - 25th the Sun begins to move northward, reversing its position. It resurrects per se and begins its northward trek toward the Summer Solstice.


This is an astrological event that represents something far more encompassing than what Christians believe.


This is our story.


God found a way to fold itself, penetrate and occupy the virgin soil of our biology - the swaddling of flesh and blood.


Impeccable Spirit, eternal and all encompassing is born into lowly physical form to occupy, inhabit and explore. God finds for itself a helpmate, one that can interpret the sensory world of matter through its five senses - YOU. A helpmate that does not condemn but rather with awakening, will bring the offer of eternal life to your limited and mortal frame.


You are the Virgin. You are the Manger. And you are the Christ that has come to save the world.


You only need believe.


Not in a prayer of accepting Jesus into your heart and escaping hell as the result.


You must believe the creator rests, abides and lives in you and through you.


While we sleep, dreaming our dreams of separation and good and evil, we sleep in drama. When we awake, we resurrect the mortal flesh, redeeming our Spirit body with the capacity to understand our physical existence. We have lived the drama. We have on our Curriculum Vitae lifetimes of experience on planet Earth. And now we have VISION.


Our gift to the universe and to God lies in our ability to FEEL and to EMOTE. Through our vast experiences submersed under the waters of human baptism, we have learned, and we have learned well. We awaken with an arsenal - weaponry fit for the creating and sustaining of material worlds.


The GOD-MAN AWAKENS. That is the true Christmas Story.

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