On Trauma

“Sometimes traumatic events propel us into unfamiliar territories in consciousness. Something happens and a veil lifts within our psyche and we are given the opportunity to see things differently. Trauma fractures the dome of our reality allowing our consciousness to seep out like a spy to see beyond the boundaries of our present perception.”

The wound becomes a portal. Trauma causes a split in the fabric of our mind’s tapestry having been woven at the skillful hands of the ego. Trauma breaks the wall of a carefully constructed paradigm, shatters our security and releases us to a borderless world where we see, truly see, the beauty of our unfettered soul. Trauma beckons to us to let go and simply be. Trauma carries us to a precipice from which to launch; fear says "turn back” but love says, “leap.”

As Jacob wrestled with the angelic messenger (your Divine self) he clings to the new and says, "I will not turn loose of you until you bless me” and in this way the wrestling that is the sweeping undercurrent of change brings about a blessing as our very nature is redefined. Jacob is renamed by this messenger from Jacob (a metaphor for egocentric being) to Israel (God has prevailed) as the Divine self has now apprehended you.

May we all see our traumatic events as opportunities for insight. Instead of trying to heal the wound let us travel in to it to see the vista of blessings that it offers. Remember the Good Samaritan that found the man lying beaten and bloody and poured oil into his wounds? In the same way, oil, symbolic for the spirit world, saturates us at the wound and elevates us to see... beyond.

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