Truth is LOVE

Truth at its core, is LOVE and is tolerant of all human learning through experience. 

Intolerance is the fodder of religions that seek to hem God "in" with human attributes. 

Christianity prescribes to a Jehovic God in nature and as such has human attributes - Jehovah loved and hated, rewarded and punished, incited war, rape and pillaging, murder and the like.

The father that the Christ spoke of had none of these attributes.

Christ taught us that we could be one with his Father, a union that Christianity reserves for those that believe in raising a hand, walking an aisle and professing the sinner’s prayer – none of which Jesus told us to do.

Jesus said, I AM THE WAY, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father but by me. This simply means that to reach the creative source/power/love WITHIN, one must be Christ-like. This example is to love unconditionally, to practice non-judgment and to be “self” sacrificing.


The Fishbowl

The Fishbowl

Those who adhere to literalism refusing to see beyond the historical account to navigate into the rich intuited worlds fearing them and calling them occult, their view is indeed a fishbowl of limitation.

The scripture compares itself to "allegory" at least five times. (Ezekiel 17:2, Galatians 4:24, Proverbs 1:6, John 10:6 and John 16:29). So we must view some, (if not all of scripture) as having metaphorical or allegorical value.

Our Biblical accounts are filled with mystery, the same mysteries afforded through many cultures and myths that far predate Christianity that actually speak of the same mysteries. These cultural heroes are referred to by Joseph Campbell as the Hero of a Thousand Faces, appearing in all of our world’s religions, pointing to the same truth. Viewed metaphorically we find God’s love story with mankind secretly (occultically) planted within all of our worlds religions waiting to be uncovered like the pearl within the oyster.

The problem with Christianity is that they feel like their Jesus is the only path to this secret knowledge where as the initiate into these mysteries understands the depth and breadth of the love story to encompass all into Christ. The initiate sees CHRIST as the only way or path to the Source of all, the progenitor, not of Hebrew origin but one who holds the universe and beyond in its grasp. This way is not Hebrew or any other worldly nationality because the lineage of Christ is not hemmed in by any cultural or historical painting. To do such is to be the source of all wars and strife. Christ is the state of consciousness that recognizes the interconnectivity of all men and that mankind is indeed imbued with the Divine. This understanding is not global but rather universal. We must lift our eyes beyond the veil of limitation and see that the whole earth is yielding a crop whose origin is that of the stars and beyond.

This origin is encoded into all myths; myths that will guide us into our heritage as Christ in the Earth. Just as seed is planted in the garden, we cannot help but become who and what we are. Separation, judgment, elitism and intolerance are not the fruit that comes from Christ but rather the ego, the serpent found within all of our gardens that lures us into thinking apart from our Divine nature.

Adhering to an historical rather than mystical view will keep mankind forever waiting to the return of Christ outside of himself, a place that Jesus told us not to look.

You are the Son that has been sent to save the world. You are a unique amalgamation of the Divine and man. You must believe that you are so much more than a human—you are the manifestation of Christ in the Earth and through your belief, the world will be saved. Being "saved" is not about escaping the wrath of hell by raising your hand, walking an aisle and accepting Jesus into your heart. It is believing that the Divine is already, within.


Escaping Christianity Finding Christ

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Who or what is Satan?


When talking about satan, his role as adversary a friend of mine said the following: Barbara, you cannot tell me there is no satan for I have stood toe to toe with him. You cannot tell me there is no hell for I have been there.”


I replied, "These things will appear externally as long as you need them to.”


In reality satan is a force within the circuitry of the human ego, within our consciousness that continually opposes the Christ nature. Satan is personified in scripture only for the purposes of perception... presenting a principle that the human eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil would understand. Many more principles are personified in scripture to get us to see the metaphoric value beyond the words. We learn by symbols and types and eventually we leave behind the elementary principles, moving on to perfection.


Satan is not external from you. It is your ego, an aspect of every human being. If you pay close attention when this satan tempted Christ, what did he/it appeal to? The egoist mode of being.


When the adversary “stood” before the Lord, that word stood has its basis in stasis - a characteristic within our human physiology that permits the autonomic systems to allow the body to “stand” by the regulation of our blood pressure. 


It is this adversary that we are to resist - our own human ego - the serpent nature that is intrinsic within the circuitry of our delicate human consciousness.


Evil however, we are told not to resist. And there is a reason for that - When Jesus gave the command to “resist not evil” he understood the principle that whatever we resist - persists.


“I have met the enemy and he is me.” A profound quote for those that can begin to see the internal dynamics of the human ego and how it works to control and scheme against the nature of the Christ within.


Church??? Not what Christianity thinks it is...

The CHURCH??? is not what Christianity thinks it is.


Matthew 16:18 


Simon said to Jesus, 

“You are the Christ”  thereby identifying him for the first time. 

Jesus replied, 

“You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church (ekklesia) and the gates of hades will not prevail against it.” 


Jesus changed Simon’s name (which means to listen) to Peter (rock) because the portal of intuition for hearing and perceiving revelatory information had opened and would no longer be subject to intellectual or linear methods of discernment.


In the Old Testament account of Exodus 32:22 Moses was put into the cleft of the rock to see the “hind parts of His robe” (meaning a time yet to come) of God as he passed by Moses hidden in the cleft. 


Moses and Elijah saw the day of the manifestation of the Divine transfiguring himself from mortal to immortal as they appeared suddenly in the New Testament records, thousands of years later as seen in Matthew 17:2. They were apparently transported through time to see the transfiguration of Jesus on the mount along with Elijah. Now that is revealed knowledge! From within the “rock” we are able to see the unseeable.


So what is the “church” that is being built? It is not a building with a steeple, nor is it the Christian faith.


Ekklesia from Ek and Kaleo


Ek = From the interior outwards, out from and to

Kaleo = summoned outward


If we develop our intuitive sense of hearing like Simon did then our name (nature) changes to that of “rock” where we are able to “see” the totality of the I AM that dwells within the human frame. Moses and Elijah saw this occurrence happen before their eyes as they beheld a time yet to come.


Peter declaring that Jesus was the Christ heralded the advent of a new age where the developing human species would now be able to “intuit” information. This was the coming of the Kingdom within man.


And the “gates of Hades” is internal within man, just as the kingdom of heaven is within.


In other words, Matthew 16:18 says this paraphrased:

Peter says, You are the Christ. You are that which we have waited for. As Christ, you are a man that is also God.   

Jesus replies, You are hearing and discerning from a place within you that is not intellectually based! You are able to intuit or to hear the Christ nature that is developing within you!  The pearl within you, this great treasure within “earthen vessels” is forming. The mustard seed within the garden is beginning to mature! It is coming from within you and expressing itself outward from you! Divinity is within you and your physical body is a helpmate, utilizing your mind to reason and your tongue for speaking! At last! The hellish nature of limited mortal man has been eclipsed by the Divine presence that dwells within you! No more will you be subject to mortality! Your being, your physical, spiritual and emotional nature is being established by revealed knowledge as a dwelling place for I AM!