The Woman at the Well



The woman at the well had five previous husbands and the one she was with was the sixth. She was told to “go and sin no more.” 

Was this an actual female? Or was it the world that had not been faithful in a relationship with the Divine?

Were there six males that she had joined herself with? Or were these six ages or eons of time - six cycles of 24,000 each - six harvests - six opportunities over 144,000 years to produce an heir called Christ? (6 x 24,000=144,000) 

Was it an actual water well? Or was this a level of earthly consciousness that mankind draws from rather than from the living water within?

“Go and sin no more” is an edict to stop participating in this mortal and limited realm.

“Sin” is drawing from the well of limited, egocentric human consciousness. 


Stimulating the Pineal Gland...



Stimulating the Pineal Gland…

Let me first say that I don’t think there is a set formula for stimulating the Pineal Gland into activation however, I want to tell you of things that I did that I feel helped me. You are encouraged to seek your own guidance on this subject. I am only sharing my experience:

Some say that the Pineal gland is the third eye or the single eye that is referenced in many ancient texts. There is bountiful information regarding this and we know this gland was revered in many cultures and religions.

It is said that this gland is responsible for intuitive “knowing” and that this gland has calcified from non-use among other chemical reasons (fluoride, etc.).

I became more aware of this gland when I read about it back in 2006 and actually performed an exercise that was said to help stimulate it, vibrate it, shake it loose from its stuck position during mystery school practices. This exercise consisted of making a very loud toning sound while verbalizing the word “Thoth” (pronounced “toe”). I felt a little silly, there in my bathtub echo chamber lol, but I did it anyway. It is said that the forcefulness of the air coming up from fully extended lungs through the throat, being expressed through pursed lips actually causes a vibration at the roof of the palette. I made the very loud tone three times and at the end of the third tone I heard a crackling sound shortly thereafter and what sounded like a radio tuning, and two rather loud tones appeared in the back left quadrant of my head near my ear canal. The tones have been there ever since.

Along with the tones has come greatly expanded intuited information especially regarding the interpretation of parables.

Did this expansion have anything to do with the toning exercise? I don’t know for sure.

Next, I read anything I could get my hands on and especially revisited the parables. I was “seeing” something other than words on a page – suddenly I was seeing patterns and templates emerge. I was seeing what was being expressed behind the written word. I was seeing symbols and archetypes leap off of the page. At times I would shudder and close the Bible because I felt like I was falling into it. It was like a rose bud that began to bloom, and bloom, and bloom.

Stimulating the Pineal Gland in this way, by looking for the symbolism behind the words, greatly enhanced my ability to understand mysterious texts by Jesus and other mystics. By looking for the intuited information I was exercising that “muscle.” So it should be noted that rigidly adhering to literalism will not help develop your intuitive faculties. There must be a willingness to learn anew. The ego will try hardest to keep you from advancing but it must become the servant to the Christ, instead of mastering you.

By exercising your intuition, the Pineal Gland is activated and requires a leaving behind of former understanding, forsaking it not as irrelevant but rather past its “season of relevance.” Historical and literal application has its place but not in awakening. It has served us as a “tutor” but there comes a time when the student becomes the teacher.


Truth is LOVE

Truth at its core, is LOVE and is tolerant of all human learning through experience. 

Intolerance is the fodder of religions that seek to hem God "in" with human attributes. 

Christianity prescribes to a Jehovic God in nature and as such has human attributes - Jehovah loved and hated, rewarded and punished, incited war, rape and pillaging, murder and the like.

The father that the Christ spoke of had none of these attributes.

Christ taught us that we could be one with his Father, a union that Christianity reserves for those that believe in raising a hand, walking an aisle and professing the sinner’s prayer – none of which Jesus told us to do.

Jesus said, I AM THE WAY, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father but by me. This simply means that to reach the creative source/power/love WITHIN, one must be Christ-like. This example is to love unconditionally, to practice non-judgment and to be “self” sacrificing.


The Fishbowl

The Fishbowl

Those who adhere to literalism refusing to see beyond the historical account to navigate into the rich intuited worlds fearing them and calling them occult, their view is indeed a fishbowl of limitation.

The scripture compares itself to "allegory" at least five times. (Ezekiel 17:2, Galatians 4:24, Proverbs 1:6, John 10:6 and John 16:29). So we must view some, (if not all of scripture) as having metaphorical or allegorical value.

Our Biblical accounts are filled with mystery, the same mysteries afforded through many cultures and myths that far predate Christianity that actually speak of the same mysteries. These cultural heroes are referred to by Joseph Campbell as the Hero of a Thousand Faces, appearing in all of our world’s religions, pointing to the same truth. Viewed metaphorically we find God’s love story with mankind secretly (occultically) planted within all of our worlds religions waiting to be uncovered like the pearl within the oyster.

The problem with Christianity is that they feel like their Jesus is the only path to this secret knowledge where as the initiate into these mysteries understands the depth and breadth of the love story to encompass all into Christ. The initiate sees CHRIST as the only way or path to the Source of all, the progenitor, not of Hebrew origin but one who holds the universe and beyond in its grasp. This way is not Hebrew or any other worldly nationality because the lineage of Christ is not hemmed in by any cultural or historical painting. To do such is to be the source of all wars and strife. Christ is the state of consciousness that recognizes the interconnectivity of all men and that mankind is indeed imbued with the Divine. This understanding is not global but rather universal. We must lift our eyes beyond the veil of limitation and see that the whole earth is yielding a crop whose origin is that of the stars and beyond.

This origin is encoded into all myths; myths that will guide us into our heritage as Christ in the Earth. Just as seed is planted in the garden, we cannot help but become who and what we are. Separation, judgment, elitism and intolerance are not the fruit that comes from Christ but rather the ego, the serpent found within all of our gardens that lures us into thinking apart from our Divine nature.

Adhering to an historical rather than mystical view will keep mankind forever waiting to the return of Christ outside of himself, a place that Jesus told us not to look.

You are the Son that has been sent to save the world. You are a unique amalgamation of the Divine and man. You must believe that you are so much more than a human—you are the manifestation of Christ in the Earth and through your belief, the world will be saved. Being "saved" is not about escaping the wrath of hell by raising your hand, walking an aisle and accepting Jesus into your heart. It is believing that the Divine is already, within.


Escaping Christianity Finding Christ

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