Not about Men and Women...

It is not about men and women, nor male or female - it is about energy.
Presently we are living out a great mystery, a metaphor that is alive by being either male or female. By the patterns in nature we are to see that the male (masculine) is the seed giver but the female incubates and grows the seed and ultimately gives birth to the creation that is both masculine and feminine.
From this physical example we are to learn the principles behind masculine and feminine energy.
The masculine provides force, the thrust, the seed which carries dunamis power, a blueprint.
The feminine provides the egg (potential) to couple with and the form with which to incubate the potential form.
The physical penetration of the male into female and the subsequent deposit, mingling, agreement (yes, the sperm works together, gathers into groups of 12-13, forms a key circle on the outside of the egg and the egg decides whether or not to allow the penetration of ONE sperm), adherence and growth of the fetus is a PATTERN.
This is the pattern: Although we are separated into male and female presently we need to understand that this mystical union that is spoken of, is a union of masculine and feminine energy - this will produce a gender neutral being. “In the kingdom there is neither male nor female…”
This union will produce a new creation.
Secondly, we can see by this human physical pattern that something else is afoot. When we yield physically (and allow penetration of the sperm into the egg) this too is a PATTERN of the yielding of the EGO or human mind to the Divine mind. This yielding produces a God man - CHRIST. Presently consciousness is undergoing PENETRATION and as we allow the Divine impetus of LOVE to permeate and to penetrate, a new creation is being formed within the WOMB OF THE EARTH.
This yielding is what is called the HARVEST as the human mind is no longer subject to or focused on this mortal realm or world. It is ready, like the cocooned caterpillar to shed the restriction of this passing age and enter into a limitless life. This is the Melchizedek order.
This is Emanuel - that is neither male nor female but rather is BOTH. This new creation is able to create at will out of its being, not another life per se (because it continually renews itself and is eternal), but anything it desires it can create. There is no limitation. 
This is your destiny.
Earth is a womb. It has been incubating YOU.
It is the mystery of mysteries, we each in our own role are displaying the greatest truth of the universe. We each contain masculine and feminine within one body, both energies highly creative and when they come into union within, we are truly born again.



Are you a Pharisee?

"In seeing they do not see."

This was said of the Pharisees and yet even the Pharisee is not external from us. We only feel it is separate, like the finger is pointing at someone separate from ourselves. That is what the word Pharisee means: Separated ones

We are all Pharisees when we are asleep and living literally.

Ah, the journey of the ego.


The Goal

It is expanding to accept differing concepts and ideas continually. It is restrictive to think that one has it all "right". There will never be an end to experience. Jesus spoke of the necessity of the new wineskin. The old has stretched as far as it can and cannot contain the volatile expansion that comes with revelation.

The ONE has its place in our origin but is not the goal. How can it be? We are forever individuated having been replicated and primed for expansion. But recognizing that we share in union, that is, making the TWO ONE is the purpose for the Emanuel - where God has joined us and we have yielded in union. Now we conceive, again and again bringing forth from our own universal womb what is inherently both God and man. Christ. This is the stuff of Genius. That love found a way to explore and inhabit the material planes in and through a helpmate, the human being.

That said, there are those whose ultimate purpose is not to be Emanuel and those will return to blend with the ONE. It is our choice. Some purchase land. Some remove the rocks. Some till the soil. Some plant the seed. Some are the bounty. Some reap the harvest. It is not so important for the reaper to convince the tiller to be a reaper. We must appreciate all and recognize we are all, in all fulfilling the purpose for which genius is. Lol.


Unbridled Thought

You create what you focus on.

What you give your attention to providing emotional currency with your thought, you create.

If you are upset about the candidates in our election, and you give your emotions to either side, you create more of what you are emoting.

If you are upset with a person for anything like ____________ (pick something!), your thought and emotion percolating in your awareness is sending a vibrational request from the universe and it, being under orders to fulfill your vibrational demand, sounds back to you the very frequency of your request, and it will rapidly create what you have emoted.

You must, now more than ever, learn to keep captive negative and unwanted scenarios (thoughts) at the non creative level. This level is a thought that does not anger you but rather is held in a "neutral position" much like pressing the pedal of the clutch - thereby disengaging the gear that drives this present world of conflict.

The conflict you see around you, the darkness, the depravity etc. - welcome to the world of unbridled thought mingled with emotion. YOURS.


The Unified Mind

Are you experiencing memory loss? Fuzzy thinking? Forgetfulness?


You may be operating out of your intuitive mind. 


If you are operating out of your intuitive mind it may not be accessing the mind that holds memory.


There needs to be a bridge established between the intuitive mind and the mind of YOU, the personality.


Right now we are becoming more and more aware of both minds within as we float between the two.


The intuitive mind is quickly formed information that you "feel."


The personality mind has to think and process information gleaned through past experience. It is slower to percolate to the surface of your awareness than intuition.


For now, we are learning to navigate into, through and out of the intuitive mind.


The next step is to establish the link that allows both minds to work in tandem. 


The unified mind has both components working through synergy. It is called the "Christ."


That, is called UNION. And the two shall become one. Two men walking, one is taken (in marriage) and ONE is left.


This is the marriage spoken of in scripture.


You mind is the helpmate of the Divine Nature.