Response to a Critic

From my page titled, "Escaping Christianity" here is a comment from someone I don't know:

You are fabricating a different reality for yourself. When your son almost died and you had that weird should have turned to God for guidance. Instead you followed some weird "spirit" which has led you away from a reliance and need to see Jesus as your Savior. I feel sorry for you. If only you had the freedom God had provided freely in Christ....the knowledge and trust in Christ as Savior from sin. We are all dying, some faster than others, some suddenly, but must be prepared with faith....which is like a beggar clinging to a gift of priceless worth....after all...that is Heaven.....but for those who reject such a Savior....they get what they asked eternity away from love. You don't want to go where love cant follow. So where can i mail a Bible commentary that can start you on the path to heaven?

Here is my reply to him:

I challenge you. I challenge your comfortable places. I make you uncomfortable because you need consensus to feel safe in your dogma. So I hear threats of hell, death and separation and that if I don't turn away from my sin (which is what by the way?) that I will get what I deserve...

King David said, "If I make my bed in Sheol thou art with me." You see William, there is not a place where love can't find me, comfort me, cradle me.

Jesus said the "Kingdom is within you" So how can I miss it? There is nothing that can separate me from the love of God. Not you. Not your dogma.

I am almost 60 years old. I have studied the Bible and read about every commentary out there for the last 50+ years. But there comes a time when "no man will teach you, save the Holy Spirit." I made the decision long ago to study for myself and not to rely on someone else's understanding. I had to rely on the Christ within me, the comforter - the same comforter that held me in the throes of trauma during my son's accident. You may call that Spirit "weird" but I call it love.

"A person with an argument is no match for one with an experience." That's how I feel with this exchange between you and I. You are no match for me. I know what I have. I know what true freedom feels like and I am sure that if you continue to seek that you will likewise one day, find.



TODAY! In the last hour I have had an incredible breakthrough and I needed to share it with someone, and you are it!!!

To all you forerunners out there that have had to shrink back because of the religious bullies out there, TODAY is your day of liberation!

I received this prophetic word back in June of 1994 and today it is FOR EVERY FORERUNNER out there. I can't tell you what I am feeling right now! So much LOVE! POWER! and AUTHORITY! Read this! Its for you too!

"For the Lord says I am going to give you now a new anointing of keeping the pace, pacemaking, trendsetting, in ways that you have a new anointed initiative to set the RIGHT THINGS IN ORDER. WALK IN IT FIRST, knowing that you are forerunners. There will be abuse that comes to forerunners. But the Lord says YOU WILL STAND IN THEIR FACE AND NOT BE ABUSED! With Joshua and Caleb the whole congregation rose up to stone them when they gave a report of the promised land, the Lord says you are the good report! The good reporters that I will anoint and bless and you will say, "THEY WILL BE BREAD FOR US."

So understand this: I am enlarging your borders. I am broadening your feet beneath you. A NEW WAY has been opened. A door has been opened that no one can close. I am giving you the KEY OF DAVID. What he opens no one can shut. He shuts what no man can open."

Be encouraged! Claim your spiritual heritage as a forerunner that sees around the corner! This is YOUR GIFT TO THE WORLD! Even if they don't listen at first SPEAK ANYWAY! You truth is going forth as seed that will NOT RETURN VOID.




Yes, I address judgment in the later chapters of the book. You are correct, we always will judge and we judge every day on a multitude of issues. I think the key is that we stop engaging our lower three chakras (the 1st, 2nd and 3rd - fear, survivalism and emotionalism respectively). These three emotional centers are what create and sustain our present reality and is the mechanism that is triggered into action when we "eat from the tree" of the knowledge of good and evil.

Therefore, for the awakening soul, we recognize that whatever we judge, IS. If we deem something evil and we release the emotional currency from our chakras we set in motion and create more potential of the very thing that we have just deemed evil.

With all of that said, it is normal for the human being (the ego) to discern between good and evil. This is the primary operating system of being human IN THIS AGE. But the awakening human is called to transition the age and recognizes that he, while he judges between good and evil, is not only creating this present age but sustaining it. It is through non judgment that we begin to forge the path and pattern in thinking of the age to come.

There are those that are called to maintain this age and there are those that are called to transcend it - building a bridge in consciousness for humanity to shift and to evolve in consciousness. Each must discern their call.

I have a whole chapter on this. It takes a while for it to soak in because we are focusing mechanisms. The ego was created for just such a thing. But the ego, while on its own mission, will continually create what it focuses on therefore the mission of the Christ (within) will cause the human to come to the place of surrender and submission to the Christ mind. This is the union spoken of in scripture. "Nevertheless, not my will, but thy will be done." It is our cross experience.

The human is now recognizing that the Christ savior is not " out there" somewhere but lies cocooned within the manger of humanity - growing into the full measure and stature of the Christ. This mustard seed is growing within. We are the saviors the world is waiting for. It is time to awaken.

Emanuel = God with man.


Now - Ledge

I remember when we were in the ER waiting room during my son's accident and I felt as though I was stepping up to a precipice (a very high ledge) and was being given the opportunity to leap off of it.


I did.


And I flew.


Knowledge = NOW, LEDGE.


Each of us is being given the opportunity to think differently - to surrender into the now moment of knowing. This is a game changer. Things look differently when you see with your single eye.


When we begin to open up to the spirit, the environment we find ourselves within will require a different measure of discernment than what we have operated in before. Love begins to speak from all around us - flowers, birds, trees and even bugs begin to vibrate toward us, speaking mysteries to us. Love opens things. It is a key. Appreciation apprehends us and tears of gladness flow. We are Divinity living amongst humanity and creation is both speaking and emanating from us.


And nothing is the same.


You are the Christ

By now, most people know that the story of Jesus born of a virgin in a manger did not happen on December 24th - 25th.


We know that this is a story of time immemorial of the dying and resurrecting god-man that eclipses Christianity, in fact predates it in many myths and cultures.


The Sun moves southward from its high position during the Summer Solstice (June 21st) in our constellating sky in its trek toward the "winter solstice" where on December 21st it comes to rest in the constellation called the Southern Crux or "Cross."


For approximately three days it rests there - unmoving.


Then on December 24th - 25th the Sun begins to move northward, reversing its position. It resurrects per se and begins its northward trek toward the Summer Solstice.


This is an astrological event that represents something far more encompassing than what Christians believe.


This is our story.


God found a way to fold itself, penetrate and occupy the virgin soil of our biology - the swaddling of flesh and blood.


Impeccable Spirit, eternal and all encompassing is born into lowly physical form to occupy, inhabit and explore. God finds for itself a helpmate, one that can interpret the sensory world of matter through its five senses - YOU. A helpmate that does not condemn but rather with awakening, will bring the offer of eternal life to your limited and mortal frame.


You are the Virgin. You are the Manger. And you are the Christ that has come to save the world.


You only need believe.


Not in a prayer of accepting Jesus into your heart and escaping hell as the result.


You must believe the creator rests, abides and lives in you and through you.


While we sleep, dreaming our dreams of separation and good and evil, we sleep in drama. When we awake, we resurrect the mortal flesh, redeeming our Spirit body with the capacity to understand our physical existence. We have lived the drama. We have on our Curriculum Vitae lifetimes of experience on planet Earth. And now we have VISION.


Our gift to the universe and to God lies in our ability to FEEL and to EMOTE. Through our vast experiences submersed under the waters of human baptism, we have learned, and we have learned well. We awaken with an arsenal - weaponry fit for the creating and sustaining of material worlds.


The GOD-MAN AWAKENS. That is the true Christmas Story.