The Goal
Friday, June 9, 2017 at 01:37PM
Barbara Symons

It is expanding to accept differing concepts and ideas continually. It is restrictive to think that one has it all "right". There will never be an end to experience. Jesus spoke of the necessity of the new wineskin. The old has stretched as far as it can and cannot contain the volatile expansion that comes with revelation.

The ONE has its place in our origin but is not the goal. How can it be? We are forever individuated having been replicated and primed for expansion. But recognizing that we share in union, that is, making the TWO ONE is the purpose for the Emanuel - where God has joined us and we have yielded in union. Now we conceive, again and again bringing forth from our own universal womb what is inherently both God and man. Christ. This is the stuff of Genius. That love found a way to explore and inhabit the material planes in and through a helpmate, the human being.

That said, there are those whose ultimate purpose is not to be Emanuel and those will return to blend with the ONE. It is our choice. Some purchase land. Some remove the rocks. Some till the soil. Some plant the seed. Some are the bounty. Some reap the harvest. It is not so important for the reaper to convince the tiller to be a reaper. We must appreciate all and recognize we are all, in all fulfilling the purpose for which genius is. Lol.

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