Unbridled Thought
Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 11:18AM
Barbara Symons

You create what you focus on.

What you give your attention to providing emotional currency with your thought, you create.

If you are upset about the candidates in our election, and you give your emotions to either side, you create more of what you are emoting.

If you are upset with a person for anything like ____________ (pick something!), your thought and emotion percolating in your awareness is sending a vibrational request from the universe and it, being under orders to fulfill your vibrational demand, sounds back to you the very frequency of your request, and it will rapidly create what you have emoted.

You must, now more than ever, learn to keep captive negative and unwanted scenarios (thoughts) at the non creative level. This level is a thought that does not anger you but rather is held in a "neutral position" much like pressing the pedal of the clutch - thereby disengaging the gear that drives this present world of conflict.

The conflict you see around you, the darkness, the depravity etc. - welcome to the world of unbridled thought mingled with emotion. YOURS.

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