The Unified Mind
Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 09:39AM
Barbara Symons

Are you experiencing memory loss? Fuzzy thinking? Forgetfulness?


You may be operating out of your intuitive mind. 


If you are operating out of your intuitive mind it may not be accessing the mind that holds memory.


There needs to be a bridge established between the intuitive mind and the mind of YOU, the personality.


Right now we are becoming more and more aware of both minds within as we float between the two.


The intuitive mind is quickly formed information that you "feel."


The personality mind has to think and process information gleaned through past experience. It is slower to percolate to the surface of your awareness than intuition.


For now, we are learning to navigate into, through and out of the intuitive mind.


The next step is to establish the link that allows both minds to work in tandem. 


The unified mind has both components working through synergy. It is called the "Christ."


That, is called UNION. And the two shall become one. Two men walking, one is taken (in marriage) and ONE is left.


This is the marriage spoken of in scripture.


You mind is the helpmate of the Divine Nature.

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